Mission and Vision

Our Mission & Vision


Our mission is to ensure that advanced knowledge about children and adolescents with special needs living in rural, remote and northern locations is disseminated effectively to those who need it most. This includes parents, children and youth, service providers, community groups, researchers, non-government organizations, federal, provincial and territorial governments, and all who can make a difference in the lives of children and adolescents with special needs.


After five years our Centre is known both nationally and internationally as a network that not only produces knowledge but puts that knowledge to work for children and adolescents with special needs living in rural and northern communities. Our work is helping to establish Canada as the world leader in research and program and policy development in this area. Our legacy includes the establishment of a permanent “policy community” for special needs in northern and rural Canada, a community that will live on long after the “official” term of the Health Canada Centre has ended.


The Centre of Excellence for Children &
Adolescents with Special Needs:

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