National Advisory Board


The primary objective of the National Advisory Board is to assist the Centre of Excellence in achieving its goal, namely to ensure a future where children and adolescents with special needs can combine the riches of life in northern and rural communities with the very best services Canada has to offer.

The Board functions in an advisory capacity to the Centre, meeting twice per year to provide specific advice regarding the implementation of the Centre’s objectives, in particular:

  • Identifying and facilitating appropriate strategic alliances for the Centre;
  • Facilitating partnerships between the Centre and the particular constituency represented by the respective Board member;
  • Facilitating the provision of policy advise with local, provincial and federal policy makers;
  • Advising on the role and limitations of technologies in providing services to children and adolescents with special needs across Canada; and,
  • Assisting in communication strategies and activities to publicize the Centre’s work.


The National Advisory Board consists of distinguished individuals from across Canada who have interests or expertise involving children and adolescents with special needs living in rural and northern communities.

Members are appointed by the National Director (an ex-officio member of the Board) in consultation with the Centre’s partners.

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